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What if there was a new, provenway to stop your suffering quickly and easily, and restore your body’s natural energy, weight and power? A medication-free way to overcome breathing difficulties, lower respiratory tract infection, short of breath, wheezing cough or shallow breathing, normalise blood pressure, allergy, restore thyroid function, restore your sleep, manage stress, depressionand recover from a whole host of other dangerous associated and progressively worsening chronic illnesses?YOU MUST UNDERSTAND HOW THE BRIEF HISTORY OF THIS DISCOVERY, WHAT IT MEANS, AND HOW IT CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE, JUST AS IT HAS ALREADY CHANGED THE LIFE OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE AROUND THE WORLD!Would you be interested?

Are you ready to end needless suffering, avoid the pain of future health complications and take your life back? If yes, then read on, because what I am about to share with you will excite you and bring hope back to your life… Because…

Now there is a simple, safe, inexpensive previously- unknown easy to use breathing device that can retrain your body’s most important basic functions and restore them to health–no expensive medications or treatments, no special diets or side effects!

Imagine being handed the GOLDEN KEY that anyone can use right away to reclaim their health and life. Imagine the joy and relief of finally living without pain, embarrassment, suffering or health-related restrictions. Frolov, a Russian scientist discovered that the underlying causes of your diseases and health issues, plus many, many others is caused by slowed production of energy from poorly oxygenated cells.PROPER CELLULAR OXEGANITION IS ONLY HALF OF THE ANSWER!

In fact, before you take a deep breath, you should know: research shows that too much “deep breathing” can actually mean that lessoxygen is delivered and released to your body energy plant that require oxygen to extract energy and too much carbon dioxide washed out from the body because carbon dioxide diffuses through membranes twenty times as rapid as oxygen. Because carbon dioxide, through its ability to form carbonic acid, is the primary regulator of blood serum acidity, it’s easy mobility enables rapid adjustment of the acidity of blood and tissues. When blood becomes too acid, you automatically breathe more deeply and faster in attempt to eliminate more carbon dioxide causing hyperventilation which comes at a cost-the loss of carbon dioxide as it is washed out of the lungs and blood. The primary reason is that oxygen molecules have different chemical properties and diffused through cell membranes twenty times as slowly as carbon dioxide. Breathing fast and deep deprives your body tissue cells including heat and brain of oxygen, causing them to oxygen lack and “starvation”.THAT’S WHY WE ARE STILL STUCK IN THE HEALTH EPEDEMIC, AND CRISES!THERE IS ANOTHER PIECE OF THE ANSWER YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND…

Dear Reader:

Are you weary of breathing difficulties, lower respiratory tract infection, short of breath, shallow breathing, wheezing cough—tired of being tired in a way that affects both yours personal and social life. Have you had enough of headaches, stress, thyroid problem, allergy, forgetfulness, joint pain, muscular pain, broken, non-restorative sleep and persistent tiredness? Are you filled with fear and anxiety about the future of your health, the medical dead-ends?


Because you know that life with chronic problems is no life!

And, more importantly:

These diseases have devastating and expensive long-terms consequences through health and life side-effects and complications and negatively impact not only you and everyone around you!YOU CAN REVERSE THE DISEASE CAUSING PROCESS… STARTING NOW!

If you are getting out of breath when exerting or walking, cannot reduce the viscosity of sputum to bring up sputum more easily, suffering from a severely blocked nose, taking a preventer inhaler for mild asthma, have poor circulation and quite often lower respiratory tract infection and you want your breathing be slow and you hold back the weak acid of your blood, practice Buteyko’s breathing technique easily, using Frolov’s respiratory training device, and finally breath freely again!Frolov’s Device, the GOLDEN KEY to Health Restoration

Frolov’s Device is a truly a golden key capable unlocking the underlying cause of ANY disease because it successfully complies with the essential principle of good medicine. It treats not just the symptoms or disease, but the patient and the underlying causes

Frolov’s Respiratory Training Device is the most effective and gentle method of healing yourself without force, or medical or surgical intervention. Sure you could:

  • Exercise systematically
  • Watch your weight
  • Go on endless diets
  • Quit smoking
  • Stop drink alcohol

But even this would not prevent you from deteriorating your health leading over time, to everything from to acne, Candida, sleeping disorder, and progressively ongoing processes affecting blurred vision, grey hair, baldness, insufficient liver function, inflammations and other symptoms as you age.What’s Frolov’s Discovery have to do with you?

Take a small breath, read on, and smile!

Frolov recognized that hypoxia stimulates breathing, initiate instructions to breathe more deeply because of accumulation of excess carbon dioxide and decreased levels of oxygen that forces you to breathe again. Wondrous though the whole process of breathing is, the circulatory system discovered to be even more amazing. Blood flows through the lungs to the heart, out to the body, and back through the heart, a tireless mechanical pump, to the very delicate and easily damaged lungs. It is capillaries in the lung through which venous blood passes, becomes saturated with oxygen, and returns to the heart.

The good news is that Frolov developed a very simple device and program that re-trains the sick body to breath in a way that reverses the cycle of poor breathing associated with breathing difficulties, short of breath, lower respiratory tract infection, hypertension, heart problems, shallow breathing, emphysema, asthma, wheezing cough and other diseases not mentioned so far!

In fact: Frolov’s Respiration Training Device and the technique behind it replicate the low oxygen conditions found at high altitude, which research shows restores a set of metabolic dysfunctions associated with or contributing to a range of serious health problem including obstruction by increased airway resistance; inflammation of airways; and changes in the size and structure of the alveoli. These changes eventually end up in the most common lung disorder, a slowly worsening condition that impedes the flow of oxygen into alveoli and to the blood which is often becomes a slowly progressing and expensive disability.The question is how to prevent this from happening and achieve normal oxygenation.

A new model of Frolov’s Respiration Training Device (Frolov’s), an individual trainer, has been developed so that anyone could effectively train his/her respiration. In short he has given to the world, a premium method with a lifetime guarantee of enjoying endogenous respiration and restoration of endogenous metabolism—you don’t have to the mountains you can get the fresh, healing, mountain-like air mix of gasses right in the privacy of your bed or couch.PROVEN 100% TO BE THE WORLD’S BEST PRESCRIPTION FOR NATURAL HEALINGThis can significantly increase the curative and health-improving effect of breathing exercise with method that hasNO Analogy in the World! How Can A Simple, Easy-to Use Breathing Device Accomplish Such Astonishing Results?


Frolov himself completely restored his quite poor health by mastering his own highly efficient endogenous (intercellular) respiration method, stimulating qualitatively higher level of metabolism. And his device and training system has already helped thousands around the world.Frolov’s Device Is the Key to Freedom

It may often feel that your battle with ill health is never-ending and you can soon become fed up with the struggle between life and death when faced with a condition that can almost destroy your wellbeing. Repeated severe wheezing cough, increased difficulty exhaling, spasm and inflammation of airways, lack of air? Whatever the cause, respiratory system problems often becomes a slowly progressing and expensive disability. Respiratory system problems and breathing difficulties may be the cause of hyperventilation due to accumulated carbon dioxide, a powerful respiratory stimulant. All you need to do is owe your personal trainer Frolov’s Breathing Device an effective key to your freedom and forget about your lower respiratory tract infection, short of breath, shallow breathing, hypertension or allergy.

Would you believe you can reverse your deteriorating condition from now on? You have every right to lead a normal, healthy life.
Your “minor” problems with breathing… Are probably Killing You! Respiratory system problems are just some of the symptoms

Considering the dependence of different body functions and processes on breathing, principles of self-regulating and body functional balance, it is not surprising that the respiratory technique developed benefits more than just the respiratory system; it benefits circulatory, nervous and the entire bodyNo need seek reassurance as to whether this would help your problems

You will be able to correct your breathing pattern, increase your lung capacities, restore normal weight, sleep well, gain energy and strength and even look younger and feel better and much more…

I want you to breathe better, live better and reverse all the problems caused by suppressed functioning of your respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Correct breathing is a must in treating any disease related to the respiratory, cardiovascular or nervous systems.

So give up 30 minutes of your day and enjoy a life-time of improved breathing along with total body function.Get the (Frolov Breathing Training Device and Manual, DVD inPlain English & special essential oil container) for only £53.99

Dear Alfiya,

Thank you for your detailed response it is very helpful and greatly appreciated It is never too late to do a good deed and you are doing a fabulous job!! I am greatly inspired by you and intend to start helping people who are suffering like me. Your advice is extremely valuable and helpful. I think I am clearer now how to use to device correctly. I shall start initiating more people into this. Best Regards, S.N.


My name is Alfiya Aleeva and I am the founder of Naturestore in the UK. It took time, effort and persistence to consider making Frolov’s Respiratory Training Device available in the UK. This device is extremely effective for learning the Buteyko method for the management of the respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems — all in the comfort of your home. It provides almost immediate changes within the body as soon you begin the breathing exercise with Frolov’s device. I was having bronchial problem and this device transformed my health soon after I began my journey to restore my breathing, and during the years afterwards, I became an expert. I discovered an amazing solution for treating my bronchitis, and stopped suffer from recurrent lower respiratory tract infection problems. During a cold Russian winter 15 years ago, I had the flu. Doctors would advise me to stay indoors, drink plenty of herbal teas with lemon, raw honey, and raspberries, and get proper bed rest to let my body’s self-healing mechanism mobilize and use its energy to fight the infection. There was no hurry to prescribe antibiotics or raise serious concerns about the flu, and thus treatments were all natural, encouraging my body to heal. I hated having problems with breathing difficulties and low respiratory tract infection. Against the doctor’s advice, I continued to work, and developed complications affecting my bronchi. This began to seriously bother me for years, and one day I ended up at a workshop held by presenters of unique and simple breathing exercise device from the Novosibirsk Scientific Centre. The explanation seemed to offer a solution, and convinced me that I needed to own one for myself. Respiratory system problems and problems with breathing made it an easy decision. It didn’t take me long to find out that my bronchi are no longer a problem, although I was a bit sceptical and couldn’t understand how breathing alone could influence my bronchi. After a while, there was no more scepticism, suspicions or criticisms as my body became stronger, my immune system strengthened and my problems with breathing difficulties and tiring lower respiratory tract infection seemed to fade.

It helped me – now let me help you!

The respiratory training is recommended for:

  • Disease prevention
  • Train respiratory muscles
  • Retrain lungs to expand properly
  • Develop the correct breathing rhythm
  • Enhance exercise tolerance
  • Improve adaptive capabilities
  • Increase resistance to unfavourable ecological conditions and physiological stress.

The main principles and recommendations of unique for its effectiveness breathing exercise based on dozen of clinical research held in Russia. It is provides the correct type of Buteyko breathing technique thus normalizing blood pressure and improving blood flow, metabolism, and the condition of the nervous system, slows the aging process, and increases energy potentials. People with respiratory system problems have trouble breathing because their constricted airways offer too much resistance to air low. Since this type of breathing is against mild resistance, lung ventilation is improved and respiratory muscles are strengthened which contributes to the successful improvement of respiratory and cardiovascular function in both children and adults. Moreover, the therapeutic effect can be enhanced by the use of essential oils/herbal concoctions.Problem withshort of breath, breathing difficulties, shallow breathing, wheezing cough, allergy, or high blood pressure – Chronic DiseasesWHY YOU?

Cells of bronchial mucosal secrete mucous daily to enhance local immunity of the bronchi and their protection. Germs cause damage to the cells of the mucous membrane of the bronchi causing inflammation, in which the amount of mucus produced rises in times. In addition, increases its viscosity and worsens its removal causing hypoxia, thickening of the capillary membrane and recurrent infection. Repeated accumulation of this viscous mucus in small airways leads to disruption of air flow to and out the lungs. An excessive mucous secretion is an excellent breeding ground for the growth of microorganisms. Bronchitis is caused by viruses, bacteria, intracellular parasites such as Chlamydia, and Mycoplasma. Exposed to bronchial irritants or toxic gases, chemicals, dust and allergens increases the production of phlegm a trigger forcing to cough frequently in attempt to remove phlegm from the respiratory tract. When blood oxygen levels low respiratory centre in the brain immediately sense the blood carbon dioxide level and sent message to the muscles of respiration urging breathe rapidly increasing in the rate and depth of ventilation, along the nerves activating the chest muscles. Overbreathing, hyperventilation comes at a cost which is the loss of carbon dioxide as it is eliminated rapidly out of the lungs and blood. This also impacts the cardiovascular system; arteries constrict, increasing the resistance to blood flow and rising blood pressure, the heart is stimulated to beat faster as well.

With many of our modern day nutrient deficiencies as a result of hydrogenation, irradiation, adulteration, fortifying and processing methods, we can develop faulty metabolism (poor conversion of oxygen and calories to energy) making us chronically tired and fatigued.

Dear Alfiya,

Thanks a million. My wife has finally agreed to do breathing exercises also. She tried it last week when headache was coming in and it really helped her. Regards, Sunil Newatia
Mumbai 400012, India
Presenting a Revolutionary Solution to ALL your Respiratory and Cardiovascular Problems – Frolov’s Respiratory Training Device

The most important factors that influence breathing exercise have been determined and developed a technique to address those factors. Considering the dependence of different body functions and processes on breathing, principles of self-regulation and body functional balance, it is not surprising that the respiratory technique developed benefits more than just the respiratory system; it benefits the whole body on cellular level. Respiratory training method ensures the overall improvement of your respiratory system, which helps strengthen your immunity and keeps you free from the risk of several other health hazards.

Mother Nature has provided us with a wondrous defence system, a true inner healing force known as the immune system and all we have to do is take proper care of it.

Our breathing exercise is a 100% natural way of reversing the body’s slowed self-healing processes through a restored, healthy metabolism thus balanced energy leaving NO ROOM FOR DISEASE to develop.

The device helps with:

  • Bronchial conductance, normal lung ventilation and gas metabolism
  • Elimination of shortness of breath, coughing and asphyxia
  • Decreased medication intake by 60%-80%
  • Normal blood supply to the brain and the condition of capillary
  • Blood, lymph and spinal fluid circulation
  • Indicators of electrocardiograms, blood pressure and pulse
  • Tremendous improvement in allergy
  • More restful sleep
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Significantly improved thyroid function
  • Normal body weight
  • Eliminate oxygen deprivation during pregnancy
  • Ease quit smoking
  • Athletes and singers improve performances

Have a problem with breathing difficulties, shallow breathing, wheezing cough, short of breath or low respiratory tract infection?Do Not Give Up!

There is always hope, and all we need is motivation

Hi Alfiya,

Thank you for you detailed reply.
I am pleased with how easy the Frolov breathing device is to use. I started yesterday on
3 minutes twice a day, and increased to 6 minutes twice a day today with 18ml of water. Before I started I took the breathing test where I breathed out and then held my breath to see how long it was before I needed an in-breath, and it was only 15 seconds….. I really appreciate your help
With Love and gratitude
Jay 🙂

Even if you have been taking steroidal medicine for years, or are left with a partial lung and remaining diseased or damaged lung tissue from bronchitis, do not give up hope. With Respiratory Training Device, you have a chance. Even if you are lacking the energy to fight the disease, breathing exercise with device will correct your respiratory system problems, problems with breathing, actual breathing rhythm itself and enforce you with the fresh breath of hope. Who wants to keep suffering from problems with breathing difficulties, high blood pressure and respiratory or cardiovascular system problems? This is all due to a chronic deficiency of the essential for life, unique substance, we know as oxygen, the “air” without which fire within a cell would not burn foodstuffs that fuel every activity.

Badly functioning alveoli, including surrounding blood capillaries, cannot participate in respiration processes; thus, it is the root cause of the respiratory system’s failure, leading to a sluggish oxygen transport, thus poor metabolism resulting in less energy being extracted.

Health improvement does not come from a drug; simply discover how you can restore your breathing patterns and supply your cells’ fireplace with oxygen to generate more energy; this will power your body to fight and self-heal naturally against respiratory or cardiovascular system problems and problems with breathing difficulties. Respiratory system training device will help you forget about wheezing cough, allergy, shallow breathing, weight gaining problem, thyroid sub-function, headaches, migraine, improve your memory and concentration, eliminate short of breath, bleeding and constipation, signs and symptoms of prostatitis, and reverse weight gain or any other respiratory or cardiovascular system problems through restored normal breathing patterns. Frolov’s work stands on a solid foundation of scientific, personal research and experimentation

Tired to live with recurrent lower respiratory tract infection or fear of losing control of breathing difficulties, wheezing cough, short of breath or shallow breathing?YOU CAN REVERSE THE DISEASE CAUSING PROCESS… STARTING NOW!Get the (Frolov’s Breathing Training Device and Manual, DVD inPlain English & special essential oil container) for only £53.99The world’s BEST prescription is now just a few clicks away!

Stop thinking this is not for you. With age, muscular strength and endurance decrease, which you can prolong for a time by respiratory training. Maximum work capacity of the muscles including your lungs decreases along with maximal breathing capacity. You should know that maximum work capacity decreases about one percent per year after the 40th thus taking preconscious action could help you to slow, arrest and even reverse this decline by regular breathing exercise.

Still not yet convinced? Consider these:

  • Did you know that more than 90% of people today breathe faster and deeper than normal?
  • Did you know that today we inhale three times more air than our ancestors of a century ago?
  • Did you know that chronic lung disease is the fourth leading cause of death worldwide?
  • Respiratory system problems keep you from having a normal life.
  • Lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer death in the UK (2010), accounting for more than a fifth of all cancer deaths (mortality rates increase sharply from around age 50-54 years)
  • Did you know that the latest survey by the World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that COPD, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, will become the third leading medical cause of death by 2020?

Every chronic disease treated by doctor by prescribed toxic chemical you call it medicine. You don’t have to fix temporary disease by toxic drugs, you need treat whole body naturally if you are serious and about to stop placing your faith and trust in medicine, which sadly never cure any disease.Boost Your Immune System and Reverse Your Respiratory Problems

You can change this right now. Nature’s gifts are knocking at your door, so open the door and take advantage of the most natural and powerful treatment, restoring your internal environment with improved blood oxygen content and carrying capacity that will help you to unlock causes to any of dozens of degenerative diseases.

But even if you feel fine… what about your loved ones who are smokers and cannot quit smoking, or those who have progressively worsening lower respiratory tract infection, breathing difficulties, shallow breathing, wheezing cough, chronic lung disease, inflammation of the airways, respiratory system problems, or even cystic fibrosis and looks miserably sick. Are they losing the ability to focus, and suffering poor memory and concentration, chronic constipation, short of breath, severe allergy, chronic tiredness, headaches or disturbed and restless sleep and getting worse by the day with no cure in sight? Present them with Frolov’s breathing device, which is as powerful as it is hard to pronounce. Let them exercise before sleep and it will not take you long to see the difference.The lungs are not expanded because they are filled with air; they are filled with air because they are expanded

Anyone can use Frolov’s respiratory training device for treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of various chronic diseases, including children as young as 5 can exercise in the comfort of their home. Breathing exercise Frolov’s device will work for you, your spouse, your children or your elderly parents. The fact is there is a cause behind every disease and the body does its best to heal itself when breathing patterns restored.

You will get fully retrained diaphragm motion helping better expand your lungs thus well ventilated, improving blood flow and after passing through increasingly smaller and more widely branching blood vessels, blood will more efficiently carry oxygen into the capillary network throughout the body for diffusion into each living cell. Because it is cells that use oxygen, we can say that the entire body takes part in respiration and increase the body’s energy reserves. That is why it is not surprising that the respiratory training technique with Frolov’s device benefits more than just the respiratory; it benefits the entire body.

So what are you waiting for, help your body to correct breathing rhythm, enhance exercise tolerance, improve adaptive capabilities, and increase resistance to unfavourable ecological conditions and physiological stresses.SayNo to Byteuko Practitioner, SayYes to Frolov’s Device

The Byteuko breathing technique and breathing exercises with Frolov’s Respiratory Training Device are specifically designed to provide all the benefits of normal breathing. K. Buteyko’s breathing technique is proven scientifically to be highly effective in eliminating deep breathing and restoring normal carbon dioxide concentrations through self-regulated breathing.

The only hurdle was that Buteyko’s natural theory required a skilled instructor, insurmountable patience and an absolute regimen of three to four hours of daily exercise. Unfortunately, the Buteyko treatment method was not widely appreciated, for many patients deemed it too difficult to learn and follow. Very often individuals who had trained with a Buteyko breathing practitioner complained of having a hard time trying to figure out how to use their diaphragm to breathe, and they often failed

Buteyko’s theory motivated Frolov and he went further aiming not just saturate the blood with oxygen but ease the release of oxygen molecule from its carrier and freely diffuse through the cell membrane. In other word his target was to achieve great intracellular respiration. Frolov (PhD) took into the consideration the limitations of the benefits to the healing effect of the Buteyko natural method and worked hard to invent a revolutionary Respiratory Training Device targeted to providing you with a unique, easy-to-use and highly effective method:

The results showed that the energy level of the cells increased 2-3-fold and decreased 5-10-fold below the norm amount of chemically aggressive damaging tissue cell free radicals.

Therefore, in 1995, the Health Ministry permitted its mass production and use in medical practiceof treatment as well as rehabilitation and prevention. No such results have been achieved by any other similar treatment in treating trouble breathing, or any severe problems with breathing difficulties! Diaphragmatic respirationenhances the efficiency of respiratory exercises, considerably improves blood and lymph flow and provides a massaging effect on the organs of the abdominal cavity (liver, gallbladder, stomach, pancreas, intestines, kidneys, prostate glands and other organs).Frolov’s respiratory training device a MUST!

Exercising with the device supports teaching of the unifying respiratory technique, which is indicated for and helps to manage chronic conditions and diseases that modern medicine can’t help. The power of Frolov’s device is in the ability to train respiratory centre located in the mid-brain which stimulates breathing under some conditions of hypoxia, responds to carbon dioxide and to changes in acidity of blood. All your respiratory system problems as well as cardiovascular can be effectively managed by breathing exercise with Frolov’s device providing:

  • Healing effects on the body through breathing
  • A moderate hypoxic (breathing gaseous mixture with reduced oxygen) and hypercapnic (breathing gaseous mixture with higher content of carbon dioxide) effect causing immediate blood vessels dilation, improved blood flow, restored acid-alkaline balance, sufficient cell nourishment and thus increased energy output.
  • Hydraulic resistance in the respiratory tract on inhalation and exhalation; lung ventilation improve and respiratory muscles are strengthened which contributes to successful treatment of the respiratory diseases in adults and children.

Such Results Cannot be Achieved by Any Other Natural Means in the World

This Is What Our Customers Had To Say

Thanks for helping us to start new life. At the age of 12 months Stepan was diagnosed with obstructive bronchitis, and at the age of 3, he developed moderately severe asthma. He started his trainings with Frolov’s device at the age of 4.

In a matter of month his asthma attacks stopped completely, his parents never had to call ambulance again and Stepan hasn’t been admitted to hospital since then. After 4 months he stopped taking medications. Surprisingly, at the age of 6 Stepan started judo classes and attended a public swimming pool. Currently the boy is healthy and goes to school. Stepan Permyakov, Novosibirsk, 8 years old

Our health is in our hands and I proved it to myself with Frolov’s device; thanks Doctor Frolov. In 1986 I had thyroid surgery. I have been suffering from Asthma for more than 30 years. I used to take medication regularly: L-thyroxin 50mg, spiriva, edvair, salbutamol.

In September 2009 I started using the Frolov’s device and trained in a light regime. Today, April, 2011, I keep exercising with the Frolov’s device regularly and I am not going to stop. I know it helps me a lot. Most patients I saw in the waiting room of my pulmonologist are already using oxygen bottles… I train mostly before bed and sometimes in the mornings and I also try to do walking exercise at least 3km a day.

Nina, 79 years old Omsk, Russia

It has improved the health of millions suffering from unrelated hundreds of various disorders related to respiratory and cardiovascular systems

Take action! Start using our breathing technique and exercising regularly and you can reverse all the damage done to date, eliminate the root cause of chronic oxygen deficiency— and increase your energy levels.

Frolov’s Device is a novel, state-of-the-art respiratory training device featuring a FULL set of HEALING factors. It is one of the most advanced tools for breathing exercises providing astonishing results not widely known to much of the world.Problems with breathing difficulties, wheezing cough, short of breath, lower respiratory tract infection, shallow breathing or …?

And I’m dead serious! This price may change any moment from now!

All you have to do is invest as little as £53.99 to reverse deteriorating condition

Purchase Frolov’s Respiratory Training Device today!

What other user is saying

I am so happy now; I feel like I’m born again, I don’t believe it is possible!

I started having allergy symptoms when I was 13 (I am now 39). All traditional treatments have failed. During these 26 years I was taking different kind of tablets and nasal sprays. Clarytin is the only nasal spray which helped me and I was using it every 4 to 6 hours for the last 7 years. I was sceptical about Frolov’s device but being so tired of living for decades with Allergy symptoms I thought, “I am losing nothing but might get some benefit.” Today I cannot find the words to say how it helped me a lot and I am now symptoms free. I started to use it twice a day in the morning and evenings for about 20 minutes. I started to feel better from the second day. Also I wash my nasals out with salt solution twice a day. I stopped using any nasal spray at all and it is such a relief! I feel great! People saw me being happy with great results in a short time and the message spread around so fast that already 6 people I know bought Frolov’s Device for personal use, loved ones, elderly parents and children. I sometimes couldn’t sleep, eat, or talk because of sudden nose blockage and this continued for 26years. My doctors were hopeless but Frolov’s Device did such a transformation and was so quick! Thank you very much Alfiya for your advice!

Rushana, 39, (Calgary, Canada) Hi Alfiya,

It is such a blessing to have met you, we have a lot in common and I am so happy that you pushed me through a more natural way to heal and not rely so much on all sort of pills as I did because it was the easiest way

Lots of Love and thanks for your time and help

Marie-Agnès Casalini,

Certified AtlasPROfilax®


“Your search is over!”

Once you’ve experienced the Frolov Respiratory Training Device, it will become your reliable personal trainer. No electricity or batteries required. No need for extra parts. No need to pay for extra medication. No travel expenses. Train your Respiratory System in the comfort of your home!USE THIS GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO ORDER NOWGet the (Breathing Device, Manual, DVD inPlain English& special essential oil container) for only £53.99

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Don’t even try to sit there and hesitate…

Click the button below to order now… Trust me when I say this: you’re going to be thanking me for years to come. Once you have experienced the Frolov’s Respiratory Training Device, it will become your indispensable

personal trainer to get rid of Breathing Difficulties: ” No travel expenses. ” No electricity or batteries required. ” No need for extra parts. ” No need to pay for extra medication.